September 28, 2007

La Gota Fria - A Little Fire For Your Soul

We need this for cold autumn evenings, right? . It's Carlos Vives doin' GOTA FRIA ...from the classic columbian song. Then read the lyrics below and if you can improve the English translation.

La Gota Fría
Emiliano Zuleta
Interprete: Carlos Vives
Disco: Clásicos De La Provincia

El autor de esta famosa canción, Emiliano Zuleta, parece tener un pleito con otro músico, un tal Lorenzo Morales. El esta canción, Emiliano le dice algunas cosas no muy agradables a Lorenzo. Tengo entendido que Lorenzo le contestó en su día con otra canción.

Acordate Moralito de aquel día
que estuviste en Urumita
y no quisiste hacer parranda.
Te fuiste de mañanita.
Sería de la misma rabia (bis)

En mis notas soy extenso.
A mí nadie me corrige. (bis)
Para tocar con Lorenzo
mañana sábado,
día de la Virgen (bis)

* Me lleva él o me lo llevo yo
pa' que se acabe la vaina (bis)

¡Ay! Morales a mí no me lleva
porque no me da la gana
Moralito a mí no me lleva
porque no me da la gana.

¿Qué cultura, qué cultura va a tener
un indio chumeca como Lorenzo Morales?
¿qué cultura va a tener,
si nació en los cardonales? (bis)

Morales mienta a mi mama
solamente pa' ofender. (bis)
Para que él también se ofenda,
ahora le miento a la de él. (bis)

Me lleva él o me lo llevo yo …

Moralito, Moralito se creía
que él a mí, que él a mí me iba a ganar,
pero cuando me oyo tocar
le cayó la gota fría, (bis)
Al cabo él la compartía
y el tiro le salió mal. (bis)

Me lleva él o me lo llevo yo …

Moralito, remember that day
When you were in Uramita
and did not want to come to the party?
You left early in the morning
Was it because of that grugde from long ago?
When I play the accordion, my notes
are extensive
And nobody needs to correct me
To play with him at the feast
Saturday morning
On the day of Virgin Mary,
Either he'll defeat me, or I'll defeat him there
Finishing that argument once and for all
Ay, Morales does not defeat me
Because I don't feel like giving in
Moralito does not defeat me
Because I don't feel like giving in
What good manners would a chumeca indianlike Lorenzo Morales have?What good manners would he haveSince he was raised amidst fields of cardón cacti?
Moralito tells my mom lies about me
Just to upset me
And now, just to upset him
I'll tell his lies about him

Moralito was sure that
He would beat me
But when he heard me playing
He sweated cold for fear
In the end, he agreed he had lost
And his ambitions just backfired


BOBBLEBOT: cYborg iNdie SkiEs said...

THANK YOU! I was looking for the translations... which turned out to be even awesomer than I expected.

old enough to know said...

what nostalgia of my youth in Venezuela. I come alive as the music courses my veins

Gerogavros. said...

Memories of 15 years ago, sailing with a greek merchant ship in, South America.


Jacques B. Poirier said...

This played constantly as
I was building 3 houses on isla margarita