October 23, 2007

Happy BirthDay Lise (an interactive card)

When my sister Lise was born in a Valleyfield hospital on the 5th of May 1947, our family lived in an unfinished house .

My father Albert had put all 6 of us in the concrete basement while he was building the first and second floors.

He adored Lise and we were sometimes jealous, the three older siblings. Today she lives with Werner

a few hours away from NYC, in a wonderful house and with Werner who designed and built

the whole thing before they moved him. This card is to show her that we dont

hold any kind of grudge today, and we cherish the precious day that

she was born. Happy birthday Lise...and since you

like theatre on PBS Sunday night, I

thought of including this


radio play

by Charles Boyer

playing the Ghost, and Ms Carroll

playing Ms Muir. It's an hour long so please

sit confortably before you tweak one of the buttons

on the grand old radio, very alike to the one we had in precise-

ly that concrete basement shown above.

If you don't have an


just open the

phonograph below and

enjoy Ella



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